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About Us

Dr. Choc wants to help you get more delicious tasty treats into your life! Indulgence without guilt is the motto over here at Decadently Pure!

Dr. Ros Milligan, aka Dr. Choc, the Healthy Chocolatier, and the creator behind Decadently Pure, began making raw chocolate in 2010, after discovering that her daughter was highly sensitive to refined sugar, and completely overhauling the family's diet. She couldn't find any raw chocolate that was sweet enough to tempt her little girl's taste buds, so she set about creating her own flavour combinations, learning how to temper raw chocolate and inventing raw chocolate masterpieces like never before! Decadently Pure was born out of love for her daughter, now she can share that delicious, yet healthy taste with you too.


All of Decadently Pure's chocolate creations are made from organic ingredients, containing no added dairy, wheat, gluten, soya, refined white sugar, or anything artificial.

Each small batch is lovingly handmade in Scotland from the finest Peruvian Criollo Cacao.

Raw organic cacao nibs are stone ground with raw organic cacao butter and organic coconut sugar, before tempering to give that satisfying snap that we all love.

Then we add delicious organic textures and organic flavour extracts. 

Nothing else, just pure and natural raw chocolate indulgence.

So you can feel good inside and out, about every single bite.


Currently we offer 4 main flavours of Raw chocolate Bar;

Vanilla Dark, the purest bar

Orange Zinger with crunchy zesty pieces,

Berry Dark with freeze dried cherries and raspberries,


Salted Caramel Pecan with maple candied pecans.

We are always working on our flavours so if you want to hear about them please register and we can let you know when something new is available.