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Dr. Choc – The Healthy Chocolatier, is the UK's most delicious chocolatier! and the creator of award winning raw chocolate treats. She claims you can eat chocolate daily and still lose weight and eat a healthy diet. Ros is helping a generation to enjoy chocolate without guilt. She is a chocolatier with a difference, a chocolate revolutionary, scientist, speaker, author of e-recipes books, and published both in printed and online media. As a scientist with catering experience, she marries the two perfectly, fusing modern nutritional science with high end chef skills, to create beautiful and healthy treats. Her award winning chocolate bars are sold in health food shops across the UK, and her award winning truffles feature in her monthly tasting club. The first organic, all natural, vegan and paleo compliant, chocolate truffle subscription club in the UK.

She has spoken at food and fitness festivals, and enjoys giving interviews and doing live demonstrations. Her specialisms include; Raw Chocolate, The Science of Chocolate, Natural Colours and Flavours, and Artisan Chocolate.

Ros loves to help journalists with

  • What is Raw Chocolate? And why is it the answer to our dietary prayers?
  • How can we indulge without guilt on a daily basis?
  • Can chocolate help us lose weight?
  • How to create healthy raw chocolate
  • The dangers of highly processed mass produced chocolate

Ros is

    * The creator of the award winning company Decadently Pure

    * Has been featured in the national press, and in online articles

    * Has won awards for her products, as well as her company

    * Has been a speaker at fitness and health festivals across Scotland