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One of Tasting Box


One of Tasting Box

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12 individual raw chocolates, decadently wrapped and tied up with a beautiful ribbon for a real indulgent yet healthy treat, to yourself or someone you care about.


Ingredients: Stone Ground Cacao Nibs*, Raw Cacao Butter* (Min: cacao solids 73%), Coconut Palm Sugar*, Himalayan Pink Salt (>1%). Plus added ingredients for each flavour;


Creamy Hemp & Succulent Raisin Toffee Swirls: Shelled Hemp Seeds*, Medjool Dates*, Coconut Palm Sugar*, Raisins*, Sweet Freedom Syrup (made from apples, carob & grapes), Cinnamon, Cardamon, Vanilla Extract*

Juicy Fruity Shells: SunPower Spread (Raw Chocolate*(: Stone Ground Cacao Nibs *, Raw Cacao Butter*(cacao solids 73% min), Coconut Palm Sugar* ), Raw Sunflower Seeds*, Coconut Palm Sugar*, Virgin Coconut Oil*, Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil*, Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil*,  Raw Cacao Powder*, Vanilla Extract*, Himalayan Pink Salt ), Apricot Extract*, Peach Extract*, Mango Extract*, Apple Extract*, Grape Extract*, Strawberry Oil*, Strawberry Powder*

Cherry Praline Balls: Hazelnuts*, Stone Ground Coconut*, Coconut Palm Sugar*, Sweet Freedom Syrup (made from apples, carob & grapes), Freeze Dried Cherries, Cherry Extract*, Himalayan Pink Salt, Strawberry Powder*

Banoffee Toffee Balls: Raw Cashews*, Medjool Dates*, Sweet Freedom Syrup (made from apples, carob & grapes), Coconut Palm Sugar*, Freeze Dried Banana, Himalayan Pink Salt, Banana Extract*, Vanilla Extract*, Turmeric Powder*


73% Criollo Cacao. Contain NUTS.




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