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Mini Taster Box


Mini Taster Box

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£12.99 / unit(s)
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Special Intro Offer of only £12.99!! And packed in a box that fits through the letter box so you can have it delivered anywhere and not have to be in! (NB if other items are ordered alongside this box, it will be packed in a larger parcel and will not fit thorugh the letterbox)

A box of 3 raw chocolate bars, plus a bag of fresh raw chocolate truffles. A great introduction to the wonderful world of Decadently Pure raw chocolate. Perfect for popping into your bag as a mid afternoon treat at work, for savouring alone once the kiddos are in bed, or gifting to your most favourite person as a thank you or a random treat. Go on, treat yourself to a mini raw chocolate indulgence!

Please note, bar flavours may vary from those shown. Please add a note to your order with any flavour preferences



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