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Salted Caramel Pecan Oaty Fudge Bar

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Love fudge? Love flapjack? Love chocolate and nut butter? You will absolutely ADORE these soft and fudgy oaty bars! It's like our salted caramel pecan bar had a love child with a chocolate peanut butter flapjack. Could snack time get any better?! Made with gluten free oats, this fudgy bar will satisfy your sweet craving and keep you full with the low GI oats and raw chocolate, high antioxidant content, and decadently delicious nut butter twist!

Perfect for popping into your bag as a mid afternoon treat at work, for savouring alone once the kiddos are in bed, or gifting to your most favourite person as a thank you or a random treat. Go on, treat yourself to a mini raw chocolate indulgence!




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